1. I Am the Prophet
    Lady Dan

  2. The Kid
    Eric Schroeder

  3. “There's A Lot Still To Say About Essential Forever”
    Essential Forever

  4. Pansy

  5. Hear Thy Neighbor

  6. Five Leaves : Fish & Chips
    Mother Sun

  7. Little Errands
    Jake Elijah

  8. Too Soft
    Joshua Lewis

  9. Face Tapes
    Hunter Ellis

  10. Awnings

  11. “Carol’s Boutique: Sounds Inspired by Jasper Mall”
    Chayse Porter

  12. Where is Candyman
    Ganxsta NIP and Dan Sartain

  13. Elephant Race

  14. A Life In Waves OST
    Suzanne Ciani

  15. Ms. Dick
    Lil White Bitch

  16. Sports

  17. Blue Tomorrows
    Midnight Garden

  18. Facta, Non Verba
    Lady Dan

  19. Introducing...Gold Star Gold Star
    Gold Star Gold Star

  20. Western Hills
    Dan Sartain

  21. Is Similar To
    David Brown

  22. SIPS
    Mother Sun

  23. The Juniper Berries
    The Juniper Berries

  24. Jasper Mall Soundtrack
    Baker Knight, Haha Mart, & Chayse Porter

  25. You've Already Lost
    Cigarette Speedway

  26. Nutrients

  27. Stream of Youth / Blank World

  28. Dendrons

  29. 2019 Singles
    Scott Yoder

  30. The Bouquets
    The Bouquets

  31. Frankie Tillo EP
    Frankie Tillo

  32. Just a Ghost
    Self Care

  33. Right Now
    Bad Hops

  34. Burning Moon
    Burning Moon

  35. Human Beat
    Human Beat


  37. Good Grief
    Bitter Calm

  38. Dream

  39. Darby Jack
    Darby Jack

  40. Johnny Coley & The Weirds
    Johnny Coley & The Weirds

  41. Coral Moon
    Coral Moon

  42. Don't Look Down
    Bitter Calm

  43. All Twenty Minutes
    R. Stevie Moore

  44. Give You Up
    New Love Crowd

  45. Songs for the Soulless
    Lady Dan

  46. Foul Ball
    Bad Hops

  47. The Day Before You Came
    Dommel Mosel

  48. Private Palace

  49. All Messed Up & Nowhere To Go
    Nowhere Squares

  50. Before You Know It
    Braided Waves

  51. I've Got the Bible Belt Around My Throat

  52. F+
    Lil White Bitch

  53. Mirror Water Mind

  54. Arboretum
    Captain Kudzu

  55. Ad Hoc
    Spiritual Warfare And The Greasy Shadows


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